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Are you in need of money to expand your business, your ministry or to pay long overdue bills? Has the current economic situation left you in a state of uncertainty? It doesn't have to be that way. God's will and desire for you is to have His highest and best. God is not pleased when you are broke, busted and disgusted. But in order to obtain God's highest and best you have  to develop a right relationship with Him. You may feel that you are in a relationship with God, but is the relationship with God the way that He wants it to be or is the relationship with God the way that you want it to be? Could this be part of your problem? You may not understand that it is God that gives you the power to get wealth Deuteronomy 8:18, and that being in a relationship with Him is vitally important to long term financial success. When You purchase this book you will learn the following;
1. Why today's current economic situation has occurred
2. How to develop a right relationship with God
3. Why God has you in your current economic situation
4. What you can do to change your current economic situation
5. What to expect while your current economic situation is changing
6. How to successfully live on God's pathway when you receive your financial bailout
     You may have tried everything else including prayer and it may still just NOT be working for you. You may have tried everything and God may be allowing your adversity because the answer you need is staring you right in your face and you don't see it, don't understand it and you may be missing it. When you read this book you will have the answers that you seek. There is a reason that obtaining more finances is not working for you, there is a reason that certain doors remain shut no matter what you do. Purchase this eye-opening book today and get the answers to these questions and many more and then become well on your way to receiving your financial bailout from God's hands!

Today's economy uncertainity has left millions of Americans filled with pain, suffering, depression, worry and despair. This gloomy situation has placed millions of people in a situation not of their own choosing. If this is how you are feeling, then this book is for you! In the midst of all of this, many are wondering: Where is God and why did he let these things happen? In this soul stirring and eye opening book, you will find answers to those questions and more. So take the next step and discover where God is during your trials and tribulations, order your copy of the book today and get on your pathway to complete and total healing! When you purchase this book you will learn the following;

1. Why you feel the way that you currently feel
2. What happens when you are unable to resolve the current feelings of despair that you have
3. God's role in allowing you to be in your current situation
4. How God wants to help you while you are in this situation
5. How God heals you and delivers you out of this situation

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