Welcome to WIN International Ministries website! We pray that this year as you walk with God you position and prepare yourself for His highest and best for your life.With WIN International Ministries anointed classes you will learn how to begin again and get in position to experience 2020 as being Your year of God's blessings, Your year of God's unmerited favor, and Your year of God's miracles. Our ministry will teach you, inspire you and motivate you to become all that God wants you to be! You will then be equipped and strengthened to overcome current challenges that currently exists in your life. Our anointed books inspire you, engage you, and propel you to go to the next level of your life so that you can be the beautiful creature that God created you to be, Fully capable of reaching God's purposes and plans for your life. We pray that you are enriched by your visits to our websites and by following our blogs and social network channels online! We hope that you will visit our sites often. We pray for your support and for your prayers so that we too may be all that God created us to be and reach the world for God!
May God bless & keep you,
~Evangelist Wendy Evans
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