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You've heard the old saying if you continute to do what you've always done you will get what you've always gotten in the past. Let's face it, real change is hard. You might want to change and you might have tried to change but because you might have discovered that you are a creature of habit you might have already come to realize that you feel comfortable doing the same thing everyday, going to the same places all of the times and being with the same people all of the time. And because you do the same thing everyday, go to the same places every day, see the same things all of the time and spend time with the same people all of the time, your life may continue to manifest the same results which might be less that what you would want or hope for. In order to experience true balance in life most people have found that they need balance in 4 areas;
1. Spiritual
2. Financial
3. Health
4. Recreation
Your spiritual life is vitally important because it is the basis of your creation and your existence as a human being. As you grow and mature in your spirituality you begin to discover and realize who you really are, and why you were placed here on earth by God and what God created you for. Take the below test to determine where you are in your spiritual life;
Your financial life is also vitally important,it is what allows you to maintain life and your current standard of living. When finances flow smoothly most people are happy, when finances are out of balance everything else is automatically out of balance because of the high level of stress that insufficent finances cause. If this is an area that you need improvement in we encourage you to get on the email waiting list for our soon to be announced teleseminar coaching classes.
Your health is one of the most precious gifts that God could ever give you. With it you have the potential to do almost anything, without it you are usually left at the mercy of the doctor's, the hospitals, and your body's inability to perform correctly. Some imbalances in health are caused by poor eating habits, lack of exercise,wrong food choices, and sustance abuse. If you are looking to improve your health the most important thing to do first is to take an assesment of yourself where you are now, once you know where you are lacking in your health you will be shown what's neccessary to move back towards a healthy balance.
You've heard the old saying "all work and no play makes for a dull person". Even God rested. When God originally created the earth, He created the earth in 6 days and on the 7th day He rested. God rested and He created you with the expectation that you would need rest as well. So recreation is vitally important in creating balance in your life and recharging and renewing your body for the heavy tasks and heavy loads that you might face. If you are having difficulty relaxing or finding some type of recreational activities, the following links below may assist you;
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